Dental Travel Tips 2018

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Recent years so many are talking about some kind of holiday, they call it ” dental travel “, It means both you will have your holiday and your dental treatment same time. The general purpose of this travel type depends on saving huge for both dental treatments and your holiday plans. Especially people who need major dental treatments for oral health prefer dental travel but also we must admit that there isn’t any other choice for them. In the UK, dental treatment prices at least 5 times expensive than other countries, the price tag is same for the USA citizens. Even if you want to pay for dental treatments you have to wait for the long waiting list, maybe you will have your dental treatment in 2 months or longer.

Choice Country For Dental Travel?

At first, you have to decide which country you want to visit? Generally, your dental treatments will take at last a week, but don’t forget some treatments such as dental implants needs 2 visits. So you should choose a country which could be traveled easily, direct flights and flight time is important. I always suggest you that going to Thailand for dental treatment from Europe is meaningless, your dentist guaranteed your dental treatment so if you have pain or something wrong you have to fly Thailand again, I really don’t think that flying for 15 hours is good for health. So let’s imagine that we are in Europe and we have some options, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Statistically cheapest country in Europe is now Romania and Turkey even recent months maybe Turkey is the one. Global economic changes and Turkish economy stabilities reason for that. If you never saw Poland or Czech you could try that but this article’s main claim to save money and have a great holiday.

How To Find A Good Dentist For Your Dental Travel?

dental travelAt first, we will google some dentist websites, you could find dental travel agencies or you could contact dentists directly. Also, there are some websites like Dental Departures or Whatclinic as a dentist directories all over the world.

After finding dentists, you should ask for an online consultation, you should take photos of your mouth send them, so when they offer a treatment you could compare which one is really doing it for good or doing for only money. Some clinics offer you many dental treatments which you don’t need. Generally without good knowledge people mistaken a lot of stuff like dental veneers and dental crowns. So nobody should lose their healthy teeth just for a cosmetic stuff. Veneers could easily save your teeth but dental crown treatments will cut your teeth before surgery. Of course, you will compare prices, but be careful about brands of veneers and implants, they are many different kinds of brands some are local. So don’t think that one of them will be really really easy. Quality is our first case then we will compare prices. Don’t forget to check Instagram or Facebook for reviews also video reviews will be the good reference for your future dentist. Check out this page to find dentist in turkey.

Learn your Dentist’s name

There are so many websites offers you dental treatments online but generally, you can’t see anything about their clinic or their dentist’s name. Agencies who don’t have any clinic or major dentists, they won’t give you anything about the dentists. So most of the dental treatments could have done with general Dentists education but for oral operations, you have to be treated by an oral surgeon. So that will be the most important part of your dental treatment. Do not take seriously if the dental travel company doesn’t give you any real information. If you have the dentist’s name, you could research he/she on google or LinkedIn.


Call Dental Travel Agency And Speak English

The other point of view is you should really good dentist who is speaking English. Translator or consultant might not understand your real needs for your dental treatments. For good reference you should call their number, generally, Dental travel agencies have toll free numbers so you could ask about your dental treatments. Direct speaking is the better way than emails and before your arrival, you will meet with the real stuff for your dental treatment.

Besides these pieces of advice totally sure about your plane ticket and hotel reservation. Some of the dental travel companies offer free VIP pickup services, It’s better to choose these kinds of free service to provide dental travel agencies.

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