E.max Veneers in Turkey

E.max veneers are crafted from high strength porcelain. They are thin layers which bond the surface of the teeth to enhance the appearance and the functions of the teeth. E.max veneers are crafted for each patient individually and they are unique. They are well known for their durability and the translucency. They provide more natural looking and stronger teeth for the patients.

Benefits of e.max veneers

e.max veneers
e.max dental veneers

E.max Veneers are considered to be one of the best options to enhance your smile. They are both aesthetically pleasing and strong. If you are suffering from misaligned, crooked, misshaped teeth or you have gaps between your teeth you are probably a good candidate for emax veneers. Also they provide one of the best solutions to discoloration and stains. They are also used for Smile Makeovers.

  • Custom made e.max veneers provide long lasting aesthetically pleasing results
  • Less possibility to chip in case of contacting with the opposite teeth
  • Fast to fabricate and need minimal preparation so they can be fitted in 5 days
  • No drilling required so they do not weaken tooth structure
  • Bonds to tooth enamel; a stronger, more secure bond than dentin-bonding.
  • Higher translucent so they offer more natural looking end results

E.max veneers in turkey

Dental treatment costs may vary depending on the country and the dentist. E.max veneers in turkey are much more affordable than the European countries like England, Ireland, Germany. If you prefer to have e.max veneers in Turkey you can save up to % 60. Your treatment can be completed in 5 days. It is expected to be 3 dental appointments in the clinic. Your first appointment includes consultation and the impression of your teeth. Our cosmetic dentist and patient coordinator will explain every step of your treatment. You can decide the shade, length and shape of your veneers during your consultation. During the second appointment your teeth will be prepared in order to fit veneers. Finally in the third appointment you veneers will be fitted and after final checks and x-ray your treatment will be finished.




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