Health Tourism in Turkey

Health Tourism is the name given to visits from one country to another for treatment purposes. However, health tourism does not only include this definition. It also includes travels for the purpose of growth and progress of a health institution. In recent years health tourism in Turkey is well ahead. The newly opened health institutions in Turkey gives the most accurate information in this regard.

Health Tourism in Turkey

Health tourism generally includes travels for treatment purposes. Factors such as duration of treatment, planning, and economics have a significant impact on the development of health tourism.

Health Tourism is carried out with three main objectives

  • Thermal Tourism
  • Medical Tourism
  • Advanced Age and Disabled Tourism

During the Health Tourism, the number of international patients also contributes to the economy. Thus, health boards and organizations are growing day by day.

Importance of Health Tourism

Health Tourism is important in terms of gaining the health of the patient, being treated economically and restoring his / her health. However, the importance of the country’s economy is also very high. First of all, it is worth mentioning that it is the type of tourism with the highest added value. Tourists visiting the country will discover the beauties of the city.
With the help of Health Tourism, different occupations are emerging and employment opportunities arise. Thus, the current account deficit will be closed and the country’s economy will be revived. Health tourism in Turkey takes place in a mostly thermal area. Then it is carried out in the medical field. The aim of being preferred in terms of health contributes to the increase of prestige.

Development of Health Tourism in Turkey

The interest shown to health tourism in our country is growing. The development in the field of health allows international patient potential to increase day by day. Digital technology is developing every day. Thus, it has become quite fast for people to reach information. This situation has increased the importance given to health tourism.
In Turkey, given importance has been increased especially on the aesthetic surgery and dental treatment. These areas are growing significantly. In addition, dental treatment prices are quite suitable for comparing to many European countries. Dentist in Turkey are receiving a quality education. This situation provides thousands of tourists every year for dental treatment in our country.

Advantages of Health Tourism

Especially thermal health tourism has a significant impact on human psychology. It provides advantages in terms of eliminating psychological and physical fatigue. Tourists, who see this effect, rush more and revitalize the country’s economy.

Work efficiency of working patients increases. It makes an important contribution to motivation. There are areas that contribute significantly to health. However, these areas do not contribute to the national economy. However, economic income is obtained from these fields together with health tourism. Health tourism is not seasonal. The economic vitality achieved in this sense can spread throughout the year.

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