How to find cheap dental treatments abroad

Nowadays, our general problem to protect our dental health. We are smoking, drinking coffee and somehow we forget to brush our teeth regularly. Every 6 months we should go to check-up for our dental health, some of us haven’t been to the dentist for many years. Whenever we need dental treatment we are going to see our dentist. When we realize that we are getting old, our dentist starts to talk about gum disease and at the end of the story, we need dental implants which are really expensive dental treatments and urgently we need to find cheap dental treatments.

Is there any option for my dental treatment except my local dentist?

The answer is YES! You could do dental travel for your dental treatment. Nowadays the world is global, the internet is the biggest marketplace, and somehow Dollar, Pound, and Euro are the massively valuable against all other local currency. When you check local currency, the biggest example blinks on us in Turkey, 5 years ago one USA Dollar equals to 1,60 Turkish Lira, now It’s nearly 4 Turkish Liras. So our money is 3 times more valuable than ever, Pound is 5,2 and Euro equals to 5,00.So in basic logic, If we could have paid 300$ for one dental Implant now It’s 100$ for us. This rule works for all cases except out flight ticket, but great 5 star hotels and all other stuff will be very cheap for us. I can’t give this example to Thailand, their economy getting strong and I could only say that Thailand is more expensive for our dental travel. So our basic goal is to find a cheap country for us!

If you are in Europe, I recommend Turkey for our cheap dental treatment, what we should do next? How can we find a great dentist on the web, just only google it? Of course no, we should check many things, don’t forget we are looking for cheap dental treatment, not a bargain one.

At first, we will google for “Dental Travel Turkey” keyword this keyword will show us which websites are common on the first page. If you are in USA or Canada, you could search for “Dental Travel Mexico”. Every website you visited should have Instagram or at least before & after page for dental treatments. You should check previous patients treatments for exact qualification for yourself. Of course, you should check dental treatment prices from every website, don’t forget you have always an opportunity for a discount. Generally, dental travel clinics doing 10% percent on cash payments and If you want to go there in spring or winter they will %5 more discount.

Which Country Should I Choice For My Dental Travel?

At first, you should decide where you want to spend your holiday if you won’t have any dental treatment Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, these countries are dental travel destinations in Europe. If you have never been in Turkey, I can’t see any reason why we can’t go there. But here is the of rules for dental travel countries.

  1. Do this country’s dental treatment prices fair enough to go there? At first rule we should choice cheap life expenses countries, there is no logic If we spend daily 200$ for spending time there. So we will use global currency rates and big mac formula for that.
    Base Currency Target Country  Implied Value Market Value Perceived Value
    British Pound Turkey 3.37 TRY 5.26 TRY 1.56 GBP
    British Pound Hungary 270.85 HUF 348.81 HUF 1.29 GBP
    British Pound Thailand 37.30 THB 44.20 THB 1.18 GBP
    British Pound Czech Republic 24.76 CZK 28.70 CZK 1.16 GBP

    The implied value of 1 GBP in Turkey according to the Big Mac Index is 3.37 TRY. At this exchange rate purchasing power parity exists, and 1 GBPbuys 0.31 Big Macs in both countries.

    The real value of 1 GBP at market exchange rates is 5.26 TRY. There’s no purchasing power parity as 1 GBP buys 0.31 Big Macs in the United Kingdom but 0.49 Big Macs in Turkey. In other words that means that if something costs 1 GBP in the United Kingdom, in order for it to have the same perceived value pricing in Turkey, it has to be priced at 3.37 TRY.

    If we calculate backward the implied value of 3.37 TRY is 1 GBP and the real market value of 3.37 TRY is 0.64 GBP. In other words that means that in terms of actual purchasing power, having 1 GBP in Turkey would be the same as having 1.56 GBP in the United Kingdom.

    As you see in Turkey we have 1.56 GBP actual purchasing power, which is the highest in Europe. So mostly our dental treatments will be cheaper in Turkey, bigmac doesn’t lie!

  2.  Affordable flight ticket is another reason for dental travel countries, who wants to spend 20 hours on a plane or wants to pay 1000 Pounds for a ticket. When I checked Thomas cook for Turkey / Antalya airport, prices are amazing.Thomas Cook Airlines 4h 10m from TRY 384 ( 100,7979 Pounds). We will buy our two-way ticket for 100 Pounds, direct flight from London.
  3.  The crime rate is important for travel locations, for example, I never want to go Mexico for dental treatments, I’m scared.
  4.  Accommodation options are important. If we have a lot of accommodation options in our dental travel destination, we could find more affordable hotels to stay. You could check 5-star hotels in Antalya, we have thousands of options for them, If we do reservation early, they are really bargain, sun & sea waiting for you and all hotels are all exclusive!

How Can I Do Reservation or Get Quote For My Dental Treatment

There are some dental travel agencies like Patients Beyond Borders, these agencies want a lot of money from patients because they are managing everything as they said. So It’s like normal travel plan, what if you do your reservation and buy your plane ticket yourself? It will be always cheaper for you. If you have ever travel somewhere alone before your dental travel won’t be any different then other. The websites which you found with the search word “Dental Travel Turkey“, will give you free quotes. After price list and before after reviews you could decide whether which dental travel clinic you will choose.

Afterwards, good luck with your cheap dental travel, for further questions you could ask

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