Everybody is asking about why you have decided for dental travel to Turkey. The main reason is obvious ; affordable dental treatment ! What are the other reasons for dental travel to Turkey ? I think the second most important reason for dental travel is it includes travel 🙂 You have your dental treatment and you  have your holiday at the same time. We work for all year and have one holiday period, we would like to spend that precious time in a well developed country with hotel facilities we enjoy and of course clean sea and the sun! So Turkey is one of the best travel destinations in Europe and surprisingly and it is more affordable than the countries like Thailand and offer more quality hotels, shopping centres and activities. Everybody likes to eat even more when they are on holiday, what can you eat in Thailand ? But in Turkey you could have everything you want and you will fly only 4 hours from London.

Antalya is the tourism capital of Turkey, great sea view with Turkish hospitality. Incredible holiday resorts and many destination options. Antalya has even ski centre in winter, so think about one city, where you could swim in summer and ski in winter, maybe this city is unique all over the World.

Antalya has the many historical places around city, ancient history awaits for you. You don’t have to travel far just to see historical places because it is within the central of the city like Old Town.

So why thousands of people are coming to Antalya for dental treatment? Let’s check out 6 top reasons for coming Antalya for dental treatment.


Affordable dental treatment
Save money with Dental Travel

There no doubt that majority of people’s first reason to come Antalya for dental treatment affordable prices.

As a result, you could save large amount money from which you would normally pay at home. Especially If you are coming from UK, Western Europe, Dubai or the US.

Check the dental prices between England and Turkey.

Professional Dentists


Antalya Clinics has the best facilities all over the country, they will offer you the very latest dental treatments and they are up to date in terms of technology. Both Turkish citizens and international patients prefer superb standards of dental care.

Excellent dental facilities offer you both high quality dentistry and affordable prices.



Turkish dentists rank among the most highly trained dental professionals in the world so you can rest assured that any dental treatment you have will be first class.

All cosmetic dentists are well educated and experienced. Our clinics are modern.

Furthermore all clinics provide full guarantees for dental work performed.


Dentists in Antalya tend to speak excellent English, as a result of Tourism City nearly all people getting education of English language.

Till your airport arrival to dentist, don’t worry about speaking English.


lahmacunOne of the best cuisine all over the world, kebap, pide, lahmacun, ayran, baklava etc… Even when we start to count It will take hours to tell. Turkish Cuisine should be one of your reasons. Your new teeth will taste world’s wonderful food.

Also don’t forget to eat seafood close to seaside in Antalya. While you are having your dental care in Antalya, taste all kind of Turkish cuisine.





hadrianus door

Antalya has the history it self, since the Roman empire, Antalya has a route of Lycian road. Even city itself is old town.  If you want to see all historical places around Antalya, you need a very long holiday. Antalya is one of the top touristic attraction that nearly 10 million foreign tourists are visiting Antalya every year. Recently It is also known for dental travel destination. Check out from GoTurkey  for more information about Turkey.


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