Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are one of the most popular dental treatments all over the world.  They gained this popularity because they offer both aesthetic and oral health solutions  for patients. They are also used for Smile Makeovers to recreate your smile in addition to solve dental health issues like chipped tooth, damaged tooth. You can also choose the colour, shape and size of your teeth which enables you to recreate your smile as you like.

Aesthetic Benefits of Crowns

shade chart for your teeth

Dental crowns offer immediate restoration in case of heavily damaged teeth. Crowns are custom made dental prosthetics so you can use them to change your teeth size, shape, colour. You can have brighter and straight smile line after fitting them. Cosmetic Dentists use them to provide Smile Makeover.

They are more resistant to stains and discolouration so it is a long term solution if you take proper care. While it may depend of the material used however they are durable so you can minimise the risks like chipping and cracking. They also provide an aesthetically pleasing and natural appearance. If you are planning on dental implants or dental bridges they also offer more convenient solution than the traditional methods of restorations of missing tooth. They behave more like natural tooth because they are attached to an implant.

Oral Health Benefits of Crowns

Dental crowns are offered to strengthen the damaged tooth and avoid further damages. Thus they improve your overall dental health. You prevent discomforts caused by decayed tooth. Discomforts may include bad breath, sensitivity, pain, tooth abscess. If your tooth is damaged but it has a good foundation you can save your tooth with crowns instead of tooth extraction or application of dental implants.

They also provide properly aligned bite. Because of misshaped or missing tooth the balance in your jaw may disrupt. This may lead to temporomandibular joint disorder which may cause pain, discomfort, headache and accelerated tooth wear. Dental crowns help you more aligned bite and it is highly significant for your overall dental health. After the necessary calculations your dentist fit your crowns according to your bite and your upper and lower teeth will meet properly.

Unresolved tooth cavities also affect the surrounding teeth. While chewing they create more pressure to the neighboured teeth which will put them at risk. Infections and decays may spread and you can loose more than one tooth. Crowns are one of the best choices to prevent issues like these.

If you are planning Dental Crowns in Turkey, your treatment can be completed in 5 days. You will have 3 dental appointments during this period. You can decide the colour, shape and size of your teeth during your consultation in the clinic. Our Cosmetic Dentist and patient coordinators will answer every question regarding your dental treatment.  To get free quote and get information regarding dental treatments, costs and travel options please contact us.

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