Benefits of Root Canalling

Here is another blog post for dental veneer Turkey. In this article we will tell you benefits of root canalling.

What is Root Canalling

The teeth consist of a crown and one or more roots. The crown is the part that is visible above the gums; the roots are anchored in the jaw under the gums. A canal, the root canal, runs in every root.

This channel is filled with nerve fibers and small blood vessels, also called pulp. The root canal is usually a thin oval-shaped tunnel centrally located in the root (if the channel is not central, one can expect two channels).

The root canal is very erratic in shape. A narrowing (apical constriction) forms at the tip of the root and at the top all channels converge (if there is more than one) in a pulp chamber. Each channel has very fine side channels. At the apex there are usually very many, very fine branches such as at a delta of the river. If there are two channels there is usually a split close to the pulp chamber, close to the crown, but this can also be close to the apex.

In the case of a root canal treatment, the whole duct system is tried to be widened, disinfected and filled.

Construction of a tooth root

From the pulp cavity, the dental pulp, which contains blood vessels and nerve fibers, runs in one or more root canals towards the apical tip (apex dentis) and exits through an opening, the apical foramen, into the alveolar bone.

Permanent teeth

The human teeth have different roots. The first upper premolar has two roots, the second upper premolar usually only one root. Tooth roots are often partially grown together, or one-root teeth separate into two root tips, as occasionally observed in upper canines. There is at least one root canal per root. Anomalies of the roots occur. Normally, incisors and canines have a root canal root, the premolars have one to two roots with as many root canals. The roots of the wisdom teeth can be very variable, both in number and shape. Some root forms harbor the risk of root fracture during a necessary tooth extraction. The complete preparation of the root canals of these teeth during root canal treatment is often not possible.

The separation site of two roots is called a bifurcation, that of three roots trifurcation.

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