Dental Fear
dental fear
dental fear

Dental treatments are one of the essentials of health care. It is necessary to get dental treatments in order to maintain our oral health. We start to go to the dentist starting from the childhood and it becomes a habit to check our dental health in every 6 months. But not all of us look forward to get dentist appointments even though we know our teeth are crucial parts of our body and daily life. Sometimes because of previous bad experiences with dental treatments or fear of pain and sometimes just fear of injections we start to delay our dentist appointments and our worries becomes dental fear.

Dental Fear – also knowns as Dental Anxiety or Dental Phobia – is a very common issue all over the world and prevents millions of people getting the dental treatment they need. People who are suffering from dental fear prefer to be in pain and lose their teeth than going to a dentist and getting the dental treatment they need. When they face dental issues like pain or gum diseases they try to solve these issues with taking medicine or home type solutions. Temporarily they may find solutions to their dental issues but as the time passes by they come to a point that they lose their teeth and their dental issues start to affect their overall health.

How to Overcome Dental Fear

Sometimes it is possible to face our fears and overcome but sometimes it is not that easy. Our Dental Team is experienced and trained to provide the best dental care possible to our patients suffering from dental fear. They are happy to answer every question you may ask about your dental treatment, process and aftercare. They always let the patient know what is going on next and the results of the procedures. We also provide numbing injections to remove pain and Diazepam to create calming effect.

General Anaesthesia as a Solution to Dental Fear

We also offer General Anaesthesia to our patients are suffering from dental fear. We can complete your treatment during the general anaesthesia session which may take 1 hour to 4 hours according to your planned dental treatment. You would not feel any pain and when you wake up your treatment would be completed.

You are free to choose that you may or may not face your dental fear but it is certain that you need dental care either way to maintain your oral and overall health.

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