Dental Treatment Price Comparison England vs Turkey

The location of your dentist may cost or save you a lot of money. Labour expenses have a big impact on dental treatment service price tags. Dental treatment prices are getting higher and higher everyday in the United Kingdom and it is getting more and more affordable in Turkey. Thanks to global economy and English Sterling Pound’s value against Turkish Lira dental treatment prices are much more affordable in Turkey according to the United Kingdom.

Turkey versus England

Turkey Dental Treatment PricesEngland seems to be the most expensive country in terms of dental care in the world. So lets check what if you are English and having dental care in Turkey.

Teeth Whitening Prices

Professional teeth whitening prices  in England are between £400 –  £600 .

In turkey, Professional Laser Teeth Whitening is £245.

Dental Veneer Prices

Dental Veneer prices in England are between £500 –  £650 .

Dental Veneer prices in Turkey is between £125 –  £300 .

Dental Implant Prices

You can take the best dental care for your teeth, you can brush two times everyday and you can avoid Coca Cola or other sprinkle waters, you may pass the Halloween candies but in the end at least one of your teeth will decay and need replacement. Year after year , everyone’s dental destiny is replacing your teeth with Dental Implants. If you prefer to have your Dental Implant placement in England you have to pay approximately £2000 per Dental Implant. If you don’t know what is Dental Implant and the usage of Dental Implants in dentistry, please check dental implant details from here.

In Turkey most of the well known dental clinics are preferred to use world wide known dental implant brands like STRAUMANN or Nobel Biocare like other Dental Clinics in England and the cost of placement of Dental Implants is between  £500 and £750. So with rough calculation you could have 4 Dental implants in Turkey instead of 1 Dental Implant in England and it would be the same high end quality Dental Implant brand.

Root-canal Prices

Root canal treatment is one of the most preferred dental treatment in dentistry. If you are planning Dental Crowns or Dental Veneers to  straighten misaligned teeth or crowded teeth to create a perfect smile line you would probably will have Root Canal Treatment before placing your Dental Veneers or Crowns. UK price tag for root canal treatment is between £150 –  £350 per root , Premium Dental Turkey offers £55 per root.

Another Story About Turkey Dental Treatment Prices

Premium Dental Turkey offer X-ray and Consultation free of charge. You only pay the prices for your treatment and other necessary products, numbing injections, impression materials and Dentist fee would be included to your planned dental treatment quotation. You don’t pay any surprise payments for your dental treatments. Premium Dental Turkey does not ask for advanced payments. You pay after your treatment in the clinic itself. You may also decide your final treatment plan with our dentists in the clinic during your consultation after revising your x-ray and oral examination. Our experienced Oral Surgeons and Cosmetic Dentist explain every detail of your dental treatment and answer every question you ask.


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