The Difference Between Laminate Veneers and Dentures
dental dentures
Dentures isolated on a white background.

Laminate Veneers are mostly mistaken with dentures. Dentures main aim to improve patients speaking and chewing functionality with main bridges. Dentures based on metal materials but laminate veneers are based on different material.


Laminate veeners main mission to make patients teeth esthetically good and make patients life comfortable. Laminate veeners doesn’t need to a difficult care like dentures. When patients teeth have been damaged and apperance has been weaken, laminate veneers are best option to save teeth and make great apperance.


Who Could Use Laminate Veneers


Patients who are older than 18 and doesnt have orthodontic dental treatment could have laminate veeners. Zirconium based metals are good for natural apperance and laminate veeners will be more natural for patients. Zirconium materials reflects light so all teeth will look like natural teeth.


Besides crowns laminate veneers are more easier and saver for patients. But the main problem is your teeth should be smooth so laminate veneers could be applied for your treatment. Generally dentists suggest dental crown treatments for patients if they have bone support on their mouth if you don’t have any bone, sorry you have to choice dental dentures.


At the end you should know only one thing, your dentist will check your teeth health and bone structure in your mouth. If your teeth are smooth and your teeth are strong you could have laminate veeners. But if you do have only good teeth root, your dentist will suggest you full dental crowns. Last resort without any bone support on your mouth you have use dentures. Dentures are old fashion but you have to use them for your health.


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