Accommodation costs are quite reasonable in Turkey where health tourism is developed very much. There are hundreds of flights in a day to the country that has İstanbul which is one of the most important cities of the world. You can reach to the city of your choice in about one hour from İstanbul via direct flights. Passengers prefer most commonly aircrafts coming to Turkey from abroad. Planes that shorten even the longest distances can land directly at the airport of the relevant city. If you don’t have a direct flight to the city you want to go, you can easily transfer through Istanbul.

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Transportation Via All Kind of Vehicles

Turkey is a country surrounded by sea on three sides. It is also possible to reach the country by land, sea, and railway. You must complete the procedures required to enter the country with your own vehicle. Using public transport, you can reach beyond the border at more affordable prices. Another method preferred to go to Turkey is the seaway. You can easily switch from a neighboring country to the country via ships.

Lots of Accommodation Options

You will have many options about where to stay after arriving in Turkey. There are many options from the most luxurious hotels to hostels. If you are coming to Turkey as a crowded group, it is also possible for you to rent a house. You can make your stay at very affordable rates by renting houses around the neighborhood you want to go. Besides the choices of, hostels or hotels, if you have an acquaintance in Turkey you can ask them whether you can stay with them or not.

Book Online

Those who want to choose a comfortable option to stay can stay in hotels. Variable accommodation options are available for people with all budgets in Turkey. You can book online for your preferred hotel before your stay. You do not have to pay the price instantly when you make a reservation via online booking sites. You can pay for the hotel fee during the stay, either by paying for a hotel or pre-authorization. You can change your booking dates if you change your travel dates. It is also possible to cancel your reservation unless you exceed the dates specified on the booking sites. In this way, you can make a reservation at another location or change your travel date without any money deduction.

Consult an Authorized Person from Clinic

For those who prefer Turkey for Health tourism, before choosing an accommodation space for themselves, they can ask call centers of the clinic asking for a suitable area to stay with the nearest location. Authorities can tell where the most reasonable and nearest location will be. In addition to this, price surveys can be made by determining the nearest accommodation points on the map. Those who benefit from health tourism can make their payments in foreign currency or in Turkish lira during their stay. Many hotels, hostels and accommodation centers accept to be paid out of foreign currency.

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