Questions about Dental Implants in Turkey

What is a Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is a small titanium screw which is placed into the jaw bone to act as an artificial tooth root. An attachment called an ‘abutment’ is connected to the top of the Implant above the jaw line and it is the abutment that the Implant Crown ‘artificial tooth’ is connected to.How do Dental Implants Work?Because implants fuse to your jawbone, they provide stable support for artificial teeth. Dentures and bridges mounted to implants won’t slip or shift in your mouth — an especially important benefit when eating and speaking. This secure fit helps the dentures and bridges — as well as individual crowns placed over implants — feel more natural than conventional bridges or dentures.Why should I have my Dental Implants in Turkey?If you choose to use our clinic, you’ll find that significant savings can be made. In the UK, the average price out-of-pocket is about £2698. On the other hand, Dental Implants Prices in Turkey are significantly lower than those in UK.Since the cost of living, running a dental clinic and wages are much lower in Turkey we can offer you the best quality for Dental Implant with much lower prices. By requesting a Free Dental Implant Quote today you will find that can you can SAVE over 70% even when take into account the cost of flights and accommodation.What is your experience of placing Dental Implants?Since 2005 we have been placing approximately 150 Dental Implants every month in our clinic in Turkey, that’s over 16,000 individual Dental Implants to-date.We have years of experience and are able to offer different solutions based on our patient’s needs. Whether you need one Implant or a full reconstruction alongside other surgical procedures please contact us today and we will respond with the information you need about your situation and a quotation for your Dental Implants.How long does the whole procedure take?You will need to make two visits to complete your treatment. For the each visit, you will need to stay at least 5 days. After the first visit, you will go back to your home with temporary teeth for a 3 month healing period. Many patients like to complete their treatment as soon as possible and return directly 3 months after the date of their Implant placement while other patients prefer to wait longer returning 6-12 months later.If you would like to wait longer than 3 months for your permanent Implant Crowns this will not affect your procedure and is perfectly safe. The choice is up-to-you depending on your available holiday dates and of course your budget.Will my Dental Implants last a lifetime?YES!What if I don’t have enough bone available or successful dental implantation?Experienced Dental Implantologists can tell from the initial digital OPG x-ray if a bone graft or sinus lift will be needed to support the dental implants.What are the typical costs involved with having dental implants in Turkey?We have no hidden or extra costs, airport transfer, digital x-rays, temporary crowns, dental work, expert consultation sessions, cups of tea and smiles all included. However, apart from your accommodation costs (around £30 per night) and 3x cheap flight costs to Bratislava from the UK, you can expect to pay: 

Flight Tickets: Antalya is the tourism capital of Turkey and ach year almost 15 million tourists visit Antalya. Therefore, you have wide variety of airlines and prices to choose for your flight ticket. The price of a flight ticket from London to Antalya, usually starts at £130. We recommend you to use SkyScanner to compare all the prices from different airlines and to get the best bargain possible for your flight tickets. 

Accommodation: Antalya is Turkey’s biggest international sea resort, where there are many 5 Star hotels all around the city looking forward to accommodating you. We do not work with any hotel but if you need our assistance we can also recommend you few hotels depends on your budget. 

Transportations: Dental Holiday Turkey handles all of your transportations between your hotel and clinic during your stay here with us.
How long are dental implants guaranteed for?All our dental implants are guaranteed for a lifetime.What is the typical experience of dental implant patients from the UK?We give treatment to hundreds of patients from UK each year. Many of these patients are very impressed with the result and they are willing to share their experience with our “Dental Implant Stories”channel. You can click here and watch and read that how were their experience with us.Does dental implant treatment hurt?Teeth are much harder and have a better nerve supply than bone. Thus it is easier to make the mouth numb to do a dental implant than it is to do a filling or an extraction. Most dental implants these days are placed using local anaesthesia, the mouth may be sore for a few days but heals rapidly.Wait! I have no teeth whatsover :(Then you are surely interested in a solution called “all on 4” where just 4 dental implants are used to support a bridge of up to 10-12 new teeth formed in a bridge for the upper or lower jaw. You can finally throw away that uncomfortable denture!

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