When it comes to dental health, all dental problems need to be solved effectively and immediately. It is possible to have an effective and comfortable life by protecting dental health. it will only be possible to feed correctly and effectively with healthy teeth. Also, a higher quality of life is possible with healthy and at the same time aesthetic teeth of the person. In order to have a correct and balanced diet, it is very important to have the chewing and tasting abilities as required. Especially for people who have tooth problems, this situation becomes a big issue. Effective treatment methods should be applied for such problems. In recent years, studies are carried out to create teeth closest to the natural teeth in terms of health and image. All on four is one of these treatments.


What is All On Four Implant Treatment

One of the most effective methods of dental treatment is implant treatment. However, applying implants is very difficult for patients who have no teeth or who have lost their palate bones at the further levels. In this case, it is expected a costly and difficult process for the patients. In order to cope with these problems all on four implant treatments have been developed.

Patients who do not have a jawbone and have experienced serious tooth loss can also get healthy teeth with all on four implant treatments. All on four surgical operation is treatment technique that allows full jaw prosthetic restoration on 4 or 6 implants. This treatment provides great satisfaction for the patients who want to have good quality and healthy teeth.

How Is All On Four Implant Treatment Applied

A solid tooth structure is created with titanium screw mechanism. As being understood by the name, a healthy dental structure is formed with only 4 implants. Two implants are placed at the front of the jaw and two implants are placed at the back of the jaw. The implants at the front are placed at a 90 degrees angle and rear implants are placed with 45 degrees angle. Bridges and crowns are placed on these implants. Special technique is used at the point of positioning the implants in the mouth. This technique ensures maximum comfort. According to the measurement taken, temporarily prepared prostheses and implants are fixed and unnecessary teeth are pulled out. Three months later, permanent prostheses are attached.

What are the benefits of All On Four Implant Treatment

It offers a comfortable treatment process to the patient because it is a professional method. The use of fewer implants is a short-term treatment process and supports the natural structure of the jaw. Satisfaction, durability and aesthetic appearance of the patient is being provided at the maximum level.

Where to have most affordable all on 4 implants in the world.

All on 4 implants affordable dental treatment than many dental treatments but especially in the UK or USA, oral surgeons cost them alot more than needed.

You could find most affordable all on 4 dental implants in Turkey.

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