Why you should prefer Dental Travel? Why Turkey Dental Treatment Services?

Dental Travel Maybe our life starts without them but even after first year of our life we understand the importance of our teeth. Our teeth are the most valuable parts of our body, when we eat and smile… It is essential that we have to take good care of our teeth but whatever we do, we have to go to the dentist and have professional dental care. The costs of dental treatments may vary according to the treatment we are planning, the dentist who will provide the dental treatment and even the country we live in. So for these life scenario we know only one thing, we have to pay the dentist what we have to pay even it is 10 times more expensive than other countries. According to a recent study, the most expensive country for dental care is England then USA comes in the second place.

England is coming first in the list of the countries offer the most expensive dental care in Europe and other European countries like Spain, Germany and France are not affordable either, at that time we realize may be one of the most affordable dental tourism country in Europe is Turkey. Turkey has many travel destinations you may enjoy your holiday and the most affordable dental care in Europe. Dentistry standards in Turkey is equivalent to other developed countries in Europe. The dentistry products and equipments are high graded and FDA approved, Dentists are member of the Dental Association in Turkey.

Is it worth Travelling for Dental Treatment?

If  you make a small calculation about your dental treatment costs in your own country and the stunning travel locations in Turkey the answer is ;  Yes, Of course it is. For instance you are a British citizen and approximately you pay 10 times more for your dental care in England than in Turkey. Even if you take a flight and book a 5 star hotel in Turkey for 2 weeks it is still nearly the half price of what you are supposed to pay in England for your dental treatments. If you prefer to travel Turkey for your dental treatment you will have 1 week holiday in stunning locations like Antalya which is 9 months summer and the best quality hotel resorts in Europe are located in, you would have a remarkable holiday and a perfect, bright and healthy smile at the end of your dental holiday. You may check price comparisons Turkey dental treatments versus England dental treatment prices.

On other hand time and arranging dental appointments are another issues in European health care systems, most of the time it is much more faster to arrange a dental appointment for your planned dental treatment abroad and because of visa regulations the only thing you should do is buy your flight tickets and visit other countries whenever you like. Your dental treatment can be completed in 5  days and in the meanwhile it is expected to be 3 dental appointments in the clinics according to your preferred dental treatment. Consequently you will have the dental treatment you are looking for at affordable costs in such short term and you will have a wonderful holiday at the same time.

What are my options for Dental Travel Abroad ?

Besides Turkey, there some other countries such as Thailand and Mexico offer Dental Travel. The downside of these countries are the costs of flight tickets, the length of journey and the quality of holiday resorts. If you don’t mind a long journey you may choose these countries. You should be careful about the Guarantee of your treatments and also the brands of the dental products. For instance, you are planning Dental Implants. And you already got a cheaper quotation for your implants. There are hundreds of brands for Dental Implants but only a few like Straumann and Nobel Biocare are worldwide known and all the dentist in the world could offer after care for these brands. You would not like to travel to other countries just for after care or corrective treatments all the time.

Why Turkey ?

Turkey is the most popular travel destination in 2017 according to the market leader travel company Thomas Cook. One of the reasons for this statistics is you can travel to Turkey without dealing with Visa, and the flight duration is only 4 hours. During the travel season you can find direct flights from all European countries to Turkey and the flight tickets would be even cheaper if you prefer to book early.

In Turkey weather is sunny 9 months of the year especially in southern cost of Turkey. You can enjoy the sun and the blue flagged turquoise sea whole season. Antalya is one of the most preferred travel destinations because of the high quality 5 star hotel resorts and travel services in Europe. Turkey has a tremendous historical background including Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire. There are hundreds of historical locations you must visit in Turkey like, The Blue Mosque, Ephesus, Ancient Lycian Way, Ancient Greek Site Side, The antique theatre of Aspendos, Dolmabahce Palace…

Turkish Cuisine is also one of the most complex culinary locations in the world because of the Ottoman Palace dishes, traditional Turkish dishes and street food which may have different variations according to the locations you are in. For example simit (bagel with sesamese) and tea is one of the most popular street food in Turkey. Also kokoreç, kebab and different meat meals are the ones you must try. You can also find restaurants for world wide known kitchens like Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican.

There are hundreds of activities you may enjoy like Paragliding, Diving, Ski, Trekking, Rock Climbing, Yacht Tours, Rafting and many other. You may also shop for bags, jewellery, leather which are cheaper than other countries.

Turkey offers lots of activities, 5 star high end hotels, historical places and delicious culinary choices besides affordable and high quality dental treatment.

Where to start for Dental Travel?

At first you need to find Dental Care Services such as Premium Dental Turkey , they will offer you free quote for your planned treatment and online consultation. You can send your X-rays or photographs of your teeth via email or whatsapp and they will send you and email regarding your treatment details along with the associated costs.  After you agreed terms with Dental Care Service, Premium Dental Turkey Travel Team will help you to arrange your holiday including your flight tickets, hotel bookings and VIP transfer services. Enjoy your affordable dental care. 


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